Is it winter yet?

For me, making the daylight change by setting the clocks back one hour in early November is the unofficial start of winter. The shift in light and time signal the inevitable march towards the shortest days.

My highschool and college self would crash into the daylight change and wonder why I felt like crying, eating, and sleeping all the time when the week prior had been great. As I grew up, I started to modify my vitamins and exercise routine to help me prepare for the daylight change. I invested in blue light therapy and promised myself rewards of panettone, my favorite holiday snack, as daylight approached.

I have constantly modified and refined and boosted my coping routines. I did lots of experiments and made progress, but even so, I always dreaded the clock change. While lots of people raved about the “extra hour” of sleep or the “extra” long weekend, I insisted that all we got was extra darkness.

I don’t think I will ever be convinced that there is any “extra” time happening on daylight savings weekend, but I will play along enough to use the “extra hour” to throw a party!

For the past seven years, I have been hosting a daylight savings celebration. I love to invite friends to celebrate together to counteract the darkness. Sunset at 4:30pm doesn’t seem so bad with cheerful friends.

Meeting at a cozy restaurant or sharing conversation over a potluck is joyful and a great reminder of a productive way to spend a dark evening. This year, I offered a candle lit Kripalu yoga class followed by stew and cake.

My daylight savings party has become one of my favorite traditions and is certainly a great way to launch the dark season. I like the opportunity set the intention of light and cheer as the world darkens. And now that it is officially unofficially winter, I am excited to be exploring the season and #ThriveInWinter!

Here we are cultivating our own radiant light at the 2017 Daylight Savings Party!


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