Show & Tell

My friend Maya and I like to host “Show & Tell” nights. (By the way, Maya creates a great weekly playlist you can check out here.)  It’s a great excuse to get a group together, and it’s fun to bring back the classic childhood game.

Each time we host a Show & Tell, we come up with a theme and try to invite new people. In January, we had a winter themed Show & Tell night at a local favorite restaurant, Tremont 647. We asked everyone to share something that brings them joy in the winter time or something that they specifically look forward to during the winter.

As we enjoyed Taco Tuesday, we shared our winter joys and learned new things about each other.  Even though one of my friends initially replied, “nothing brings me joy, so this is a tough assignment,” we all found something to share.

From the joy of always having a cold Coke Zero waiting in the (also cold) car to winter accessories, hot water bottles, seasonal confidence boosting decorations, snowflake tattoos, bottomless cups of hot tea (this was me, of course), and time to relax indoors, everyone had something to celebrate. One of our friends even introduced herself as a “winter addict.”

We had a great time celebrating our individual joys, and in doing that, we all found even more collective joy in each other.

PS-Show & Tell belongs to everyone, and Maya and I like to encourage our friends to dream up their own Show & Tell events. Have fun with one of your own!


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