Snooze Button

Am I a morning person? I like all times of day, and I really love the morning. It’s a totally blissful time.

But, am I a morning person in the sense that I hop out of bed full of energy as soon as my alarm goes off…or before my alarm?


Waking up is hard. Whether it’s at 5am, 9am, or after a nap. Transitioning from asleep to awake is not easy for me, so I fell in love with the snooze button.

Then, I spent years trying to get over my affinity for the snooze button. Roommates, neighbors, and boyfriends all encouraged this! I’ve lost track of how many articles I read about how to avoid the snooze button and funny alarm clocks that would cure me from hitting snooze.

But, why was snoozing something I should feel guilty about? Or need to change?

I noticed that I felt better when I eased into the day, with the help of the snooze button. When I took my time transitioning into daytime, I felt optimistic, energized, and focused. I would start moving with good spirits and readiness. If I forced myself out of bed, I was groggy and gloomy. I felt rushed, and it would take me awhile to hit my stride.

Then, I visited an Ayurvedic Specialist at Kripalu. When asked about my sleep, I told her all about my snooze habits, with a definite tone of apology. She said I had been making a “mistake of intellect.” A mistake of intellect is something that I once learned to be true based on some knowledge or data, but is an action that is not actually serving me.

The Ayurvedic expert explained that I was making a mistake of intellect by thinking that there was something wrong with hitting the snooze button. She told me that I must take my time waking up. Whether I wanted to hit snooze or lounge around for a while, it was important for me not to rush my wake-up process. I’d be better off taking my time.

I loved this news!!

Now I fully embrace and enjoy my snooze time without apology. I truly feel amazing when I wake up, as long as I allow myself some time to slowly emerge into the day. It’s pretty great to know that I am not going to feel foggy and grouchy and pushed in the mornings.

The arrival of Daylight Savings Time has brought us some beautiful evening light, but it has stolen some light in the mornings. Since the darkness makes it harder for many people to wake up, I wanted to share a morning wake-up routine that I like. I think it helps with a happy and smooth transition to daytime, even if it’s a little darker in the winter mornings.

30 Minute Wake-Up Routine (Hear the first alarm at 6:30am and feel fully alive by 7am)


  • Alarm goes off. (I like to make sure this is a welcoming tone at moderate volume.)
  • Immediately hit snooze, and enjoy a few more minutes dreaming. 🙂


  • *Snooze time ends with another alarm.
  • Take 10 slow, deep breaths.
  • Start to stretch gently–you’ll be surprised at how many stretches you can do without getting up! Try spine twists, hip circles, wrist and ankle rolls, shoulder rolls and shrugs, and gently shake arms and legs.


  • Visualize something amazing–I like to do Calm’sDaily Calm” meditation and/or spend time visualizing beautiful colors and energy around me.
  • It’s also a great time for positive affirmations and mantras. I got into the habit of doing this and now every morning when I wake up, my first thought is always, “There’s so much to look forward to. My life is really great.” I don’t even have to think about this–it comes to me, and I’m pretty happy to start my day with this mindset.


  • Happily get out of bed and prepare to win the day.

*Snooze time does not really have to end here. If you have more than 30 minutes, extend your snooze!


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