I was walking along the Southwest Corridor Park in the South End of Boston yesterday. It was 5pm, and I was loving all the daylight. The sky was still fully lit–just over a month ago, it would have been dark at this time.

I started thinking about how great it will be next week once Daylight Savings Time arrives. There will be so much nighttime light to enjoy.

As I was walking and enjoying the light, I saw this.


“Oh, wow!” I couldn’t help but exclaim when I saw these flowers.

It’s early March, and while the light is becoming more meaningful, it’s still cold and the earth is asleep. What a treat to be surprised by purple and yellow blossoms.

As I continued to walk, I saw others noticing the preliminary signs of spring, too. Someone else stopped to look at the flowers and there was a couple examining some new buds on the trees.

Have you seen any signs of spring? What has changed with the arrival of March? Leave a comment with your thoughts, and keep #ThrivingInWinter!

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