Several years ago, my friend Javier told me about an amazing and epic dessert called the Pumpple!  The Pumpple is a cake and is like the “turducken” of desserts.

The beautiful creation consists of an apple pie baked into a vanilla cake and a pumpkin pie baked into a chocolate cake. The layers of cake and pie are stacked up on top of each other and slathered with buttercream frosting. The very thick frosting, the glue that holds the deliciousness together, is sprinkled with colorful confetti.

It’s really delicious!

Want to learn more about the Pumpple? Behold!

We were instantly fascinated and decided to get our hands on a Pumpple cake…as soon as possible. We thought the cake would be the perfect reason to throw a party. Why not celebrate a truly epic dessert?

On New Year’s Day in 2011, Javier and I held our first Pumpple party! This year, in 2017, we held our seventh annual Pumpple party. We love the Pumpple cake and the Pumpple party. It’s become a tradition of the new year, and each year, we celebrate in January with a huge cake.

We began procuring our Pumpple from the Flying Monkey Bakery in Philadelphia. (They don’t deliver, so we had to find creative ways of smuggling the cake to Boston.) We had a “DIY Pumpple” one year with all the ingredients to build your own Pumpple! And, we have had several celebrations with a Pumpple cake created by one of our good friends, who is a star baker.  We now celebrate with a locally sourced and created organic Pumpple cake!

I look forward to the Pumpple party every year. It’s fun to start planning in November and think ahead to the celebration. Each year, the guest list grows, and we share the wonders of the Pumpple with more and more friends.

January is a great time to add some cheer to life, and we will surely celebrate with the pumpple for years to come. The Pumpple party has become one of my favorite days of the whole year, and a very happy winter tradition. And, it’s not just a tradition that belongs to me or Javier, it’s a tradition that belongs to our community of friends.

What began as a crazy piece of food news has turned into a special, popular, and fun tradition. Less than 10 months until PUMPPLE 2018!!! 



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