A morning in the woods

Beauty in the summer time has always been very apparent to me. Flowers are blooming, the sun is strong, and the water beckons me to get in and swim around. It feels like the earth is inviting me into everything.

In the winter time, the earth is not so dressed up. It’s minimal and bare. Nature takes on a skeleton version of what it is in the summer. There’s less light and more cold, and it is as if the earth is seeking less attention.

It’s easy to glance over bare dirt and rocks that were covered in green just a few months ago or a bubbling stream that is now silent and frozen. But there is a lot to take in.

As I have become more observant of the winter landscape, I am finding so much more beauty. Not the summer beauty that instantly jumps out at me, but an understated and still attraction that quietly draws me in.

The introspective and slower pace of nature is inviting, in it’s own way. While it’s not the vibrant lush summer, winter nature asks us to slow down. What do we see? It takes a little more looking to identify sparkle, but it is there, softy calling us to look in and savor.

When we look into someone’s eyes, we can see so much more than we see at first glance. We look beyond physical characteristics and can notice a person’s true life energy. Just like looking deeply into the eyes of another human, there is a truth and awe in looking closely at nature in the winter.

There is so much more than cold temperatures and shadowy daylight, and nature reveals beauty when we are open to receiving it. The more I explore, the more I find.

I have been surprised that I am (almost!) just as excited to spend a winter Saturday morning in the woods as I am to spend a summer weekend swimming in a lake. Anticipating my next morning in the woods, I know my time in nature will bring discoveries and surprises only winter can contribute.

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