Welcome to The Winter Blog

I have spent winter in New England for decades–my entire life.

The short days, dim sunlight, cold temperatures, and messy weather of the winter months roll by every year. The winter can be really tough on the human spirit, and it has certainly been a struggle for me.

When I tell people that I have lived in New England for my whole life, they jump to the conclusion that I must love winter or say something like, “Oh! So you’re fine! You’ve always had winters. You must be totally ok with it.”

Well, just because I have always lived through winter doesn’t mean that I “love it” or that it’s “fine” or even “ok” with me. Rather, it’s that I have learned winter resilience! I like to think that I have gone from surviving in the winter to thriving in the winter.

I have tried everything to combat my seasonal woes–blue light therapy, caribbean vacations, hibernating, Wellbutrin, eating more, eating less, seasonal vitamin regimens, Ayurveda, outdoor exercise, and the list goes on.

I have figured out how to go from dreading and resisting the winter to living it fully from a place of strength. Sure, it’s still the most challenging season for me, but it’s exciting to cultivate a better, and always improving, approach to the dark season.

When someone suggested that I should be a “winter coach,” I couldn’t resist creating a space to share winter experiences that might inspire others.  Soon to be filled with warm thoughts, joyful moments, and wellness practices, this blog is simply a space to share ideas and celebrate the winter season.

Let’s #ThriveInWinter!

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